AVAYA IP Office Voicemail Pro-Tips and Tricks

AVAYA IP Office VoiceMail Pro R4.2

Getting Into Your Mailbox:         
From Phone Manager, double click on your mailbox icon.
From any phone on the system, press the Messages button or dial *17.
From outside world, dial in and press *7 during voicemail greeting.
Then enter your extension number and #.  Enter your password and #. 

Initial Mailbox Set Up:         
The first time you log in, the password is blank, and just press # when prompted for a password. 
Password:  You will be prompted to enter your password and #.  Then repeat for confirmation. 
Name:  You will be prompted for your name.  Press 1, record your first and last name, press 1 again.  Press # to approve or 1 to rerecord.   

Recording Your Personal Greeting:       
Press 3 for Greetings.
Press 1 to Create, Change or Delete.
Press 1 for Greeting 1.
Record your greeting. 
Sample:  You have reached John Gerber with ACME.  I am not available to take your call.  Please leave your name, telephone number, and a detailed message.  If you need immediate assistance, please press “0” now.  Thank you. 
Press 1 when finished.  Press # to approve or *3 to delete and rerecord.
Press 1 to make Greeting 1 active for all calls.

Getting Your Messages:         
Press 2 for Listen.
Message header for the first message will play.  Press 0 to listen to the message.  You can press 0 at any time.  New messages play first and then old messages.

Press 0 to replay the entire message.
Press # to save and skip to the next message.
Press *3 to delete message and skip to the next message.
Press 5 to back up the message 5 seconds.
Press 6 to forward the message 5 seconds.
Press 3 to pause and resume the message.. 

For help at any time, press *4 for assistance. 


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