Phone Manger Lite (R4.2) Set-Up and Use

AVAYA IP Office Phone Manger Lite Release 4.2


Initial Set Up:

  • Under Configure, select PBX. 
  • Enter your Extension Number and Password (leave Password blank.) and IP Address.  

 Phone Manager Loads when Your Computer Starts—Minimize; Do NOT Close.


Primary Windows: 

Call Status:     Details your Active Calls:  Number, From and To. 

Call History:    Speed Dials, Missed Calls, All Calls, and Messages.


Using Phone Manager:

Make a Call:  F1, enter the number, starting with a 9, hit Enter. Optional:  Enter Account Code in Tag box. 

Call Back:  Double click on incoming Caller ID info. 

Transfer a Call:  F2, enter extension number, hit Enter.

Call Record:  F5. 

Forwarding:  Click Wrench button, check desired box, and enter 9 and the number.

Absent Message:  F6, then select main phrase and type details. 

DND Exception:  In the DND tab, enter the exception numbers (9+10 digits ie 96155558000).

New Speed Dials:  In the Speed Dial tab, right click, go to Add User and select name. 


Customizing Phone Manager (The little Wrench or To-Do List button--Depends on your version):

Phone Manager:  Phone Manager settings, including pops, sounds and call history tabs.

Forwarding:  Forwarding settings for your extension.

DND:  DND and DND exception numbers (9+10 digits format).

Park ID:  Names of the 4 park zones (Do not change). 

Telephone:  Basic telephone features (Do not change).

Voicemail:  Voicemail operation (Do not change).


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